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Dreams of yet another TT girl  actually started with Nanda's arrival  and continued until June 2001 when they became a reality. We owe our warmest thanks to Anke and Franz Peine from Germany who met our wish and entrusted us  little Tara, born to Xamba and Mani 28/02/01.

Tara is a tiny and charming bitch leaving strong impact on every one who has met her. As it is common to Tts she may be reserved to strangers but can still remain kind and polite.

Her moods change quickly and easily. She can be teasing and  rollicking as a clown,  but also as proud and charming as a princess. Tara can always provide for entertainment, play and laugh. There is no end to her bantering and imagination in waking up members of our family with kisses, jumping all over the beds, playing a hide and find game in a tall grass, pulling Nanda's tail should she hesitate joining a game. But nothing could make her happier than rain pools. She rushes enthusiastically into them, jumps and puddles, runs in big circles until she is thoroughly soaked and exhausted. And why should not she enjoy in this? She's so calm and patient being washed, brushed and dried.

 It should not be hastily concluded  that this little villain is only for frolics. She has been attending dogs prep-school since she was 4 months. It enables her to meet hairy mates and learn obedience through play. She's most cooperative and willing to learn and this is what makes me extremely happy as well as it confirms my previous experience with Nanda. Tts are marvelous and clever hairy beats. It is a great challenge and satisfaction to work with them.

 An old though says that a half full glass could be said as being half-empty or half-full. It depends who is the speaker. Our Tara would certainly describe such a glass as almost full. She radiates so much positive energy that life with her is always sunny even though the clouds may cover the sky every once in a while. But luckily there always comes rainbow after that.