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Our origins are full of mysteries. We are said to come from a region in Tibet called The Lost Valley. Even more than 2000 years ago we were bred in monasteries.


Some 600 years ago, before all routes to the valley were destroyed by an earthquake, a group of Heads of  Monasterie visited the valley. As they were leaving one TT was donated to them  in order to bring peace and prosperity to their monasteries. Tibetans believed that we brought happiness so we were sometimes given as a precious gift or as a token of gratitude. That is why we have become so esteemed.  Some owners would even hide us and deny our existence. Years passed and we slowly started to enter into Tibetans families. As we were treated and loved as their children we were given a nickname »The Little People«. Later on we joined nomadic tribes and that is probably why we are so fond of travel and exploration.


The TT evolved over many centuries in extreme climate and difficult terrain of »The Roof of the World.« Our evolution was also affected by a belief that we were reincarnated monks who had sinned in their former lives as well as by a desire to make us resemble »The SANGEE« - the mythological snow lion.


Our breed has become best known for our medium sized, muscular, sturdy and agile body.  Our coat is double: the undercoat is fine and woolly and the top coat is long, profuse and fine but neither woolly or silky. Our pendant ears and head is heavily furnished with rich coat falling down over round dark brown eyes. Our medium size tail is heavily furnished, set up fairly high and is carried in a curl that falls back over our back. Our feet are large, round and furnished with hair between toes and pads.


No wonder that in Tibet we used to be called APSO - long haired dogs.


Our temperament has been moulded over these years too.


We are determined, lively, good-natured, loyal, attentive, clever and playful. We are not fierce or pugnacious but rather sparing affection to strangers.


We have always been living close to humans either as intimate friends or as guard dogs and this has also helped to develop our excellent characteristics. We are not used to and we do not want to be live in garages or kennels or to be tied to those horrible chains.


This is just a brief segment in the history and evolution of TT ’s. Should you like to learn more, there are some addresses below to consult.



Slovenian tibetan breed club


or write  to  me




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