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It is time that my Nataša says a few words about me.


Nanda was born 30/12/1998 in a wonderful family named Peer. In their arms and together with her Mum Brenda and six brothers and sisters she grew up into a lovely, well-behaved and friendly puppy. She was two months when she was entrusted to my family.


Our little girl is a true Tibetan. She loves playing with her human brother Tim, though she prefers dog company, but not just any dog.

If there is anything she doesn’t like, she will clearly show it. She is an excellent guard, no matter if it is a tiny toy or a large lawn she has to guard. She has her own opinion of everything and it simply cannot be changed. She always knows what she wants.


She adores running freely in our Karst forests competing with birds who will be faster. Most of all she loves mountains, hills, rivers and lakes of Slovenia. As she spots I am taking out my rucksack and heavy trekking boots, she knows where I am bound to. She will by no means leave me alone fearing I will abandon her. Of course, I will not. She is the most loyal and wonderful companion in exploring the wonders of nature.


She does not like very much dog shows, which I rather regularly visit. She always demonstrates her will. Her eyes speak for themselves: »I am not going to run today,« or » I will be the most obedient dog today and

I will do all I can.«


She keeps surprising me and that is why it is a great please to teach her. We loved taking a course at KD Obala Koper  ( Kennel Club Obala Koper). Nanda immediately understood what I and our instructor,

 Ms. Tina, wanted her to do. She passed Exam A (Obedience).

And we keep revising the exercises at any time suitable for that.


Our little »Furry Ball« is a member of our family making us happy every morning over and over again showing us that there is yet another happy day for us to spend together.